Dear Members,

Welcome to the 26th Annual General Meeting of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia

I am indeed delighted that there are so many new faces here today and at the same time many members who have been with NAWEM since the onset of the Association in 1992 are also here.

This auger well for NAWEM. It means we are relevant and current – two important criteria for an organisation to be taken seriously by the industry and the community.

The reason that we are relevant is because our mission and vision have been crafted for women that go beyond work and power. It is about our aspirations to get what is rightfully ours. NAWEM is committed to march towards it.

The reason we are current is because we have been transforming ourselves to address the work and business environments that presently affect the way we produce, market and sell.

This brings me to the topic of digitalisation of our business. Both the senior and new members who are in business cannot run away from the fact that the face of our economy has changed. Global markets cannot be ignored and they are literally at our finger tips using technology and innovation.

NAWEM has gone into the IR 4 and Digitalisation. This is reflected in our training programmes, conferences and engagement with government agencies and commercial organisations.

One case in point is Data for Her, launched at our recent STEM 2 conference.

Our B40 women are not left behind. They are being initiated into using digital marketing from selling to creating brochures even though for many of them it is the first time they are using social media and other digital platforms.

Now let me bring your attention to our new committee. The composition reflects our desire to be an example of transformation. This year some of our senior members have stepped down and passed the baton to younger and new members. The infusion of new blood will increase the effectiveness of NAWEM.

2019 promises exciting projects and products. To name a few, there are the scholarships for the children of our B40 families. The scholarships are from Sunway University and we have decided to park them under Tabung Amal NAWEM.

We also have been requested to work with subject matter experts from the palm oil sector to support the I love MY palm oil initiative of the government.

As I end my message to all present here, I request every member to consider being part of a sub committee and offer your expertise and time to make NAWEM greater.

I thank the outgoing committee for their selfless contribution and many times, putting the call to do good for the nation above their personal interest and time.

NAWEM will continue to do what is good for its members and for the nation. I urge all of you to go out and recruit more members for NAWEM so that we become as an association a force to reckon with.

God Bless us all.