NAWEM Penang was officially launched in November 2009 as Penang Affiliates of NAWEM (PAN) to cater to the needs of NAWEM members in Penang and the Northern region.

The charter chairperson was Ong Swe Ee. Wendy Wong served as the second chairperson from January 2013 to February 2017, and the current chairperson is Yeap Ai Li. In 2013, the name PAN was changed to NAWEM Penang.


The formation of NAWEM Kuching was initiated by the Sarawakian founding members, Dianne Tsen and Cynthia Lim. Their shared aspiration to connect Sarawakian women entrepreneurs to a national women entrepreneurs association became the impetus which led to the inauguration of NAWEM Kuching on 8th September 2014.

This affiliation to NAWEM makes it a Chapter, giving an opportunity to the members to network with their Peninsula sisters and also attend the Chapter’s events held within Sarawak.