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National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM) was founded on the firm belief that the full realisation of the human potential is limited only by the acquisition of skill, knowledge and the availability of information and opportunities. The organisation is an excellent platform for women entrepreneurs, with NAWEM providing the leadership to influence and shape policies which will benefit women in business in particular, and, the nation in general.

Conscious of our ever-changing and demanding environment, NAWEM aspires to be the inspiration to stimulate innovation and creativity in the development of businesses that will be sensitive to local values and customer needs. We also recognise the need for cohesiveness in forging business relationships. To this end, NAWEM acts as the conduit to transcend differences and to nurture cooperation while mutually satisfying business environment within and outside our national boundaries.

  • NAWEM as a non-governmental organisation is best placed to successfully undertake any venture.
  • We were established in 1993 and since inception, we have represented women entrepreneurs from small to medium to even large organisations.

  • Our member’s businesses cover a wide cross-section of sectors such as manufacturing, IT, financial services, education, aerospace, trading, food and beverage, engineering and much more.
  • We are multi-ethnic with entrepreneurs from all the various ethnic groups being represented.
  • We maintain a high level of integrity and proper governance.

  • We adhere to our vision and mission to provide leadership and inspiration to nurture women entrepreneurs towards realising their dreams.

Our goal is that by the year 2020, NAWEM members will be acknowledged as catalysts to the growth, development and enhancement of women in business as well as a motivating force, providing leadership and support to all Malaysians in the realisation of their full potential whilst upholding the values of mutual respect and care.


To unite Malaysian Women Entrepreneurs through the process of nurturing their skills and by helping them realise their dreams.


To provide the leadership and inspiration to act as a conduit to the transformation of the role of women in business into a dynamic force.