Koperasi Nawem Berhad (KNB) was officially registered with Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM) on 5th May 2015 under registration no. W-6-1044. KNB members are the members and staff of National association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM) with minimum shareholding of RM1000 per share. Currently KNB have more than 50 members.

KNB is also a registered KNB is the registered member of Angkatan Korperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA).

To be the leading and prestige women cooperative with excellent business growth

To promote Nawem members economic interdependence, sustainability and to empower women as well as underserved communities. This mission to be achieved through the following key result areas:
- Good Corporate governance by adopting the SIAT( Stewardship, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency) strategy
- Capacity building by empowering and enhancing entrepreneurs competencies of members and society.
- Providing income and wealth creation platform through

KNB’s current registered activities are in the following sectors:
- Agricultural
- Training & Event promoting
- Retail Business in household & personal products


The CBM are life members of NAWEM come from different business background and have the relevant experience to manage the cooperative.

The current CBM are as follows:

Ms Sarojini Ruth Rajahser Chairperson
YBhg Puan Sri Dr Susan Cheah Deputy Chairperson
Ms Noorliza Mohamed Shariff Secretary
Ms Low Chooi Ping Treasurer
YBhg Datin Nadzley Noordin Director
YBhg Puan Sri Anita Aqeela Hiong Director
Ms Ho Mee Ling Director
Ms Suzanna Shahari Director
Ms Soong Yoke Yin Director
Ms Saliza Abdullah Director
Ms Geeva Samynathan Director
Ms Anusuya Krishnan Director
Ms Anu Sheela Themudu Director
Ms Sandra Anne Ghouse Director
Ms Fadzilah Ahmad Din Director

The current IA are as follows:

1. Dato Hoo Lai Lin
2. Ms Nurizan Bt Hassan @ Hussin
3. Ms Chan Soo Yoke

NAWEM Toastmasters was chartered in February 2014 to educate and empower NAWEM members in public speaking skills to build their confidence in presenting themselves and enhance their businesses. This is strictly, an all ladies toastmasters club.
Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of the month at NAWEM secretariat at Lot 13, Rumah Puspanita, 5171 Jalan Hose, 50460 Kuala Lumpur from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Our meetings are enriching and members are known for our warm and friendly hospitality as well as our food.

Some of our members have this to say :

Kunnam – “I started at NAWEM Toastmasters in January 2015 to be a proficient speaker, especially concerning grammar and pronunciations. It has been a good learning experience so far and networking with other toastmasters has further encouraged me to speak on different topics.”

Rosaline – “My journey in Toastmasters has helped me to be more confident in talking to people and improved my communication skills. The supportive spirit of caring and sharing in NAWEM Toastmasters has enriched my life apart from the learning.

Puspa – “The most important and best decision I have ever made in my life was to join NAWEM Toastmasters Club. I have personally benefitted in my personal and professional life. I have lost the fear of public speaking.”

Members are encouraged to speak on table topics which is giving an impromptu speech of two minutes. This encourages and teaches you to think on your feet so that you do not have “brain freeze”, that is, your mind goes blank when you stand in front of a crowd. Further, there are project speeches where members prepare a topic and speak from their heart. When a member gives a first speech called, “The Ice Breaker”, she will be given a standing ovation which will motivate you and takes away your fear. Each speaker will be evaluated on their strengths and areas for improvement, including grammar, speech crutches like “ah”, “ump”, “you know”, “and”, “so”, “and then” or repeated words and be timed by fellow toastmasters from other clubs.

Members who are keen or interested to join can contact the secretariat at 03-21423325 to fill in the application form and are required to pay the registration fee and membership fee to Toastmasters International and the member will be directed to the current president of NAWEM Toastmasters Club.

In the early nineties, NAWEM actively played a pivotal role in participating in Government’s initiatives for the creation of women entrepreneurs and introduction of information technology in their businesses

The Government and the private sector have recognized NAWEM’s unique representation as being the only multi-racial business women association and hence support NAWEM’s training of women for entrepreneurship.

Here are some of the training programmes conducted:

With Government Sponsorships:

HAWA Training for Women Entrepreneurs funded by Kementerian Pembanguan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat’ (1998-2000)

SEKATA Capacity and Capability Building (CB2) Programme (2012) funded by LPPKN

NAWEM for Sustainability (NAWEM 4S) – an introductory training programme for transforming businesses towards eco and business sustainability (2012) funded by ‘Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita’ (JPW)

NAWEM for Sustainability Phase 2 (NAWEM4SP2) – the intermediate level of our sustainability initiative to assist SMEs to transform businesses using sustainability tools and framework (2013-2014) funded by JPW

Smart Domestic Manager Project to train marginalized Malaysian women to provide home/office cleaning services funded by JPW (2015)

NGO training funded by JPW (2015)

GST seminars funded by MOF (Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and Kuching, Sarawak in 2015)

With the Private Sector Sponsorships:

Skills training programme for marginalized women funded by Star Foundation (2005 -2007)

Capacity and Capability Building (C2B) Programme (2010 and 2011) sponsored by HSBC

Tabung Amal NAWEM (TAN) was set up to support marginalized women in both startup and existing businesses by offering them grants to purchase equipment for their business.

‘Kementerian Pembanguan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat’ recognized NAWEM’s strength in entrepreneurship development, through its agency, JPW who collaborated with NAWEM to implement the Smart Domestic Manager Project. This unique programme is to overcome foreign labour shortage by training marginalized Malaysian women to provide home/office cleaning services.

On the international front, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and United Nations Council for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have recognized NAWEM as a reliable trainer for entrepreneurial development. As such, NAWEM is the implementing partner for both UNHCR and UNCTAD in its Malaysian presence.

Under UNHCR livelihood programme for refugees, NAWEM provides hard skills training in cooking, sewing and soft skills in English language proficiency and accounting knowledge, branding, selling and marketing skills.

Under UNCTAD’s EMPRETEC training programme, NAWEM helped to train women entrepreneurs by upgrading their skills as UNCTAD believe that this will assist Malaysia towards achieving developed status.

Over the course of 10 years, through the above programmes, NAWEM has assisted more than 500 women to raise their standard of living by enhancing their skills and business acumen.

Dear Members,

Happy New Year and I wish you great success in your business endeavours this year.

May all of us continue to enhance ourselves with new information and skills. As we have been often told, there is nothing permanent except change. So we will embrace change and be ready for it with new knowledge and know- how.

In 2015 NAWEM made significant strides. We knew that to be relevant to business women we need to expand our portfolio. One such initiative is the formation of Korperasi NAWEM. We realise that it is important to create an avenue for our members to showcase their products and services. We are currently streamlining the structure of the Cooperative and soon it will be in operation on a full scale and I hope every member will become a Korperasi NAWEM member.

One of our highlights in 2015 was the conference in Penang, undertaken by the Penang Chapter. The accolades received were testimony to the choice of speakers, topics and organisation of the event. Also worthy of mention, is the NGO certification programme, spearheaded by NAWEM, one of its kind, in Malaysia, endorsed by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Other NGOs were invited to participate and they were generous with positive comments for the programme.

The Sarawak chapter was set up last year and the formalisation will take place this year. We have a group of dynamic women there who will definitely keep the NAWEM flag flying in East Malaysia.

A feather in our cap is the UNHCR programme. We were privileged to be chosen as their implementation partner to train Middle Eastern refugees in business. It was a huge success that we are asked to continue with this programme.

In 2016, NAWEM will concentrate on creating more opportunities in business women. This means creating the platform for dialogues and focused group conversations with SMEs, Government agencies, and Business Associations. Our members and friends of NAWEM can network and connect the dots for new partnerships.

Another project in the pipeline is the establishment of an Entrepreneurial Training academy. The preliminaries are being worked out and soon the blue print will be put up in the website for the members’ information.

I realise the power of the social media. We will be active in the various sites. Please assist by sharing the news of NAWEM in your own social media network and with the increase in our visibility we will have the strength in numbers to be effective on important issues regarding women in business.

Your support and cooperation is crucial for the goals EXCO and I have set for NAWEM. Please do come forward with suggestions and new ideas; help us to realise them. Our continuous conversation on how to empower NAWEM further to bring about the changes we want for Malaysian business women is critical. Hence the line of communication to me is always open. Please email me and you will get a response within 24 hours.

We have no glass ceilings but we have challenges. Together we can overcome any obstacles.

Thank you for your support.

Warmest Regards,
Sarojini Ruth Rajahser