President's Message

Dear Members,

Happy New Year and I wish you great success in your business endeavours this year.

May all of us continue to enhance ourselves with new information and skills. As we have been often told, there is nothing permanent except change. So we will embrace change and be ready for it with new knowledge and know- how.

In 2015 NAWEM made significant strides. We knew that to be relevant to business women we need to expand our portfolio. One such initiative is the formation of Korperasi NAWEM. We realise that it is important to create an avenue for our members to showcase their products and services. We are currently streamlining the structure of the Cooperative and soon it will be in operation on a full scale and I hope every member will become a Korperasi NAWEM member.

One of our highlights in 2015 was the conference in Penang, undertaken by the Penang Chapter. The accolades received were testimony to the choice of speakers, topics and organisation of the event. Also worthy of mention, is the NGO certification programme, spearheaded by NAWEM, one of its kind, in Malaysia, endorsed by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Other NGOs were invited to participate and they were generous with positive comments for the programme.

The Sarawak chapter was set up last year and the formalisation will take place this year. We have a group of dynamic women there who will definitely keep the NAWEM flag flying in East Malaysia.

A feather in our cap is the UNHCR programme. We were privileged to be chosen as their implementation partner to train Middle Eastern refugees in business. It was a huge success that we are asked to continue with this programme.

In 2016, NAWEM will concentrate on creating more opportunities in business women. This means creating the platform for dialogues and focused group conversations with SMEs, Government agencies, and Business Associations. Our members and friends of NAWEM can network and connect the dots for new partnerships.

Another project in the pipeline is the establishment of an Entrepreneurial Training academy. The preliminaries are being worked out and soon the blue print will be put up in the website for the members’ information.

I realise the power of the social media. We will be active in the various sites. Please assist by sharing the news of NAWEM in your own social media network and with the increase in our visibility we will have the strength in numbers to be effective on important issues regarding women in business.

Your support and cooperation is crucial for the goals EXCO and I have set for NAWEM. Please do come forward with suggestions and new ideas; help us to realise them. Our continuous conversation on how to empower NAWEM further to bring about the changes we want for Malaysian business women is critical. Hence the line of communication to me is always open. Please email me and you will get a response within 24 hours.

We have no glass ceilings but we have challenges. Together we can overcome any obstacles.

Thank you for your support.

Warmest Regards,
Sarojini Ruth Rajahser