Suzanna Shahari

Vice President Research & Development

Suzanna Shahari is the Managing Director of Innopeak (M) Sdn Bhd, a company that specialises in the manufacturing, design and development of precision machining, tools & components for multiple sectors since 1994. An MBA graduate from USA majoring in marketing, Suzanna and her team has carved an image in the engineering support field with complete engineering infra, working together with R&D organisations, SMI clusters and associates.

Since 1998, Suzanna has persevered to be one of the market leaders in tools & fixtures in the aerospace sector, carving its niche where many SMEs dare not enter. After years of providing services in these hi-tech sectors, she explored other opportunities in the green-tech product lines and in 2012 ventured into ICT, where she created a small R&D unit to take on close loop communication device incorporating solar energy and CCTV to support the security and monitoring system in line with IOT convenient lifestyle. She hopes these innovative products will contribute to securing homes and the community, thus prevent or combat daily crime – this also creates easy access to monitor and track activities reachable anywhere.

Suzanna is moving forward to develop a few cluster projects, incorporating development of entrepreneurs, high skill resources and partnership opportunities both locally and internationally. Her active involvements in associations such as MINDEF (MIDES General Goods, Automotive & Aerospace), MOGSC (Oil & Gas Council), MIGHT (Aerospace and Rail Clusters Industry University Collaborative Campus), NAWEM, BPW, PIK, PPIPBM & EUMCCI gives her wide knowledge & networking exposure of the industries.