Sandra Anne Ghouse

Exco Member

Starting from very humble beginnings as a Chamber Maid, Sandra has worked her way up the corporate ladder over the last 30 years, in the areas of Admin, Personnel and HR, before running an Advertising company. Her passion and dedication in training as well as her strength in self-development brought her to where she is today.

Today, Sandra owns and manages 2 companies – one is Fleur De Vie (French for Flower of Life) , Asia’s first wholeness centre, where people are helped to blossom to their fullest potential in health and wellness – using natural therapies and educational talks and workshops, aimed at helping people understand how to live healthier lives.

The other company, 3E Training and Education ensures that the participants from all walks of life and ages are educated, with the aim of Engaging them, Empowering them and Enhancing their skills and abilities. Having trained for more than 25 years throughout Asia, Sandra was the root in the growth and success of many productivity developmental programs, which are highly interactive and fun-filled, empowerment programs. Sandra has the innate ability to transfer methods on how to achieve a higher level of professionalism and performance, especially to aspiring employees & entrepreneurs. As a consultant to many organisations, she plays an active role in helping the management team and staff cross barriers which hampers the company and the individuals to move forward. 3E has a wide team of trainers and consultants, from all over Asia offering various types of developmental programs to governments, public, corporate organisations and students.

A hands-on mother of 2 teenage children, Sandra is also involved in social, NGO and charitable organisations. She has served in Toastmasters International (Malaysian District) for the past 11 years and has competed at District level competitions in other countries. She is actively involved in her Roman Catholic church, connecting businesses to help the needy.

Sandra’s motto in life is to Live life to the fullest, constantly Learning and upgrading oneself and to be passionate in everything that we do. She believes that each one of us has natural strengths and talents, which we need to discover and utilise to create a better quality of life for ourselves and others.