Anu Sheela Themudu

Exco Member

Anu Sheela Themedu is the co-founder and the first formal employee of iGene Group of Companies ( The entrepreneurial path of conceptualising, building and nurturing a company from its green field situation has been integral to her professional development since she left the university with an undergraduate degree.

Sheela is a creative entrepreneur who pioneered and dared to venture into the sub-specialty domain of forensic pathology where most, especially women would shy away from. She has the passion for perfection and the ferocious drive to revolutionise 3 industries; namely the IT, medical visualisation and healthcare. She built a technology company by connecting creativity with technology; where leaps of imagination were combined with remarkable feats of software engineering.

Sheela has revolutionised autopsy by introducing an innovative 3D forensic visualisation technology called Digital Autopsy; which is an elegant, easy, humane and state-of-the-art method of performing post mortem without cutting open the deceased body. Although in her early days, when she faced outright rejection and was challenged by many healthcare professionals, her dedication, perseverance, resilience and non-compromising attitude towards achieving perfectness has resulted in a product that is now widely embraced by UK and Middle Eastern countries.

Digital Autopsy is now recognised by healthcare professionals, country leaders, religious bodies and people on the street as an innovative tool that increases the dignity of the deceased while facilitating medico-legal investigation to ascertain the cause, manner, and time of death.

Sheela was recognised for her excellence in management and entrepreneurship by being selected as the Top 5 Finalists for Women Entrepreneur of the Year, Prime Minister’s Award. Her immense contribution and single-mindedness in nurturing and building iGene since 2000 has resulted in this highest recognition by The Prime Minister of Malaysia. Recently she was awarded the WAA for Science & Technology Award.