Sarojini Ruth Rajahser



Sarojini Ruth Rajahser is the Managing Director of Data-Tech Sdn Bhd, a company providing outsourcing services for data transfer into input media, namely paper document, microfilm and microfiche. A true entrepreneur at heart, Sarojini’s success story began with a humble start as a data entry operator. She quickly moved up the ranks to the supervisory level when she bought over the company.

Under Sarojini’s leadership, Data-Tech has become the largest data capture outsourcing bureau in Malaysia since 1978 and with over 300 staff, the majority of whom have more than 15 years of experience. She has received several accolades in the national entrepreneur scene, one of them being the National Women Entrepreneurial Award in 2007.

Currently, Sarojini is the President of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia, a multi- racial organization where the membership ranges from senior business women to new entrants in entrepreneurship. She extends her knowledge in managing NGOs to other associations. They include ROTI Malaysia and Selangor & Federal Territory Indian Association where she is the Treasurer and Secretary respectively. She is also a Board member of the Rama Subbiah Scholarship Fund which provides interest free loans to students in tertiary institutions and Stepping Stones Living Centre, a shelter for children.

In the Government affiliated agencies, her experience has earned her a position as Small Debt Resolution Committee, Bank Negara, Human Capability Development Committee, SME Corp and NOSS Development of Skills, Ministry of Human Resources.

Sarojini’s vision for Malaysian women is that they would not be hindered by glass ceilings. Instead they must be confident of their position and work side by side with men to make an impact in both the public and private sectors, in the domestic and international arenas.


Career Achievements

1. Managing Director of Data-Tech Sdn Bhd, a company that provides outsourcing services of data into sophisticated input media. The clientele list includes KWSP, SOCSO, Maybank, Bonus Link among other statutory boards, government agencies and financial institutions. Data- Tech was formed in 1978.

2. International Business of Data Tech Sdn Bhd extends to Australia, United Kingdom and United States, predominantly financial institutions.

Non-Governmental Work

1. President of The National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, the premier multi-ethnic business women organisation. A member of NAWEM which was formed in 1994, Sarojini Ruth has held many executive roles in the committee. She became a President in 2010.

Since taking over the helm, NAWEM has successfully conducted various projects. Some of them completed between 2012-2018 are:

a. CSR projects of leading MNCs
b. Gender Sensitisation Project funded by US government
c. UNCTAD Entrepreneurial Development Programme
d. UNHCR Refugees’ Generating Revenue Initiatives
e. Data Analytics Projects
f. Family Business Management
g. Women in Digital for SEDIC
h. ASEAN/APEC initiatives for women entrepreneurship
i. Skills development for War Widows in Sri Lanka

2. ROTI 1 Malaysia , Treasurer ( joined in 2013 to present)
This organisation provides bread and pastries to 400 homes, including underprivileged children everyday to alleviate hunger and malnutrition.

3. Rama Subbaih Scholarship Fund, Board Member which provides interest free loans to Indian students for tertiary education.

4. Selangor and FT Indian Association (SIA), founded in 1909. Sarojini has been Honorary Secretary since 2002. The organisation has been involved in skills upgrading and sports to enhance youth leadership and career prospects.

5. One Caring Heart, Deputy President
The organisation is involved in providing scholarships for education in post- secondary studies.

Board and / or Panel Member of Government Agencies
1. Small Debt Resolution Committee, Bank Negara.
2. NOSS Development of Skills, Ministry of Human Resource.

Awards Received
a. In 2007, Sarojini Ruth received the National Women Entrepreneurial Award from NAWEM.
b. In 2013, she received the Power Woman Award from Women in Management, Sri Lanka.
c. Sarojini Ruth was also named as one of the top ten in Asia Women in Business by Research House of Asia Magazine.