NAWEM's Home Baking Business

Dear Members,

NAWEM has been entrusted to carry out a Home Baking Business Training Program (as per the attached flyer) to help empower 25 candidates from the Indian Community. The selected candidates will undergo Baking and Pastry Making training as well as Entrepreneurship Training and will be assisted to set up their home baking business. We will be interviewing, training & mentoring these candidates and participants from this week till end July 2016 (6 month program).

Some members have expressed their keen interest to assist with this program, hence we would like to invite our members to sign up for the following roles. An allowance will be payable at the end of the program depending on the role and time spent:-

(A) Interviewers – 8 people required for the following dates & time:

5th Feb (Friday): 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm
10th Feb (Wednesday): 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
11th Feb (Thursday): 2.00 - 4.00 pm

Venue: NAWEM Office, Rumah Puspanita, KL.

Objective: to interview the candidates in pairs to shortlist the 25 participants.

(B) Mentors – 10 mentors required for 8 2-hour sessions, scheduled for the following dates:

20-Apr, 27-Apr, 04-May, 11-May, 18-May, 25-May, 15-Jun, 29-Jun, 13-Jul and 27-Jul

Objective: To pair up with another Mentor to handle a group of 5 participants, to guide them and assist them to learn how to be an entrepreneur and to implement what they learn at the training; Mentors will also need to maintain a time sheet of the time they spend as well as prepare a report after each mentoring session on each of their mentees; Mentors will also be in communication with their mentees via a whats app chat group

(C) Trainers – There will be 4 training days:

9.00 am to 5.00 pm – Feb 27, March 26, April 16 & May 21 (Saturdays)

Trainers skilled in Entrepreneurship Training for marginalised People are invited to apply. The topics are:

- Entrepreneurial Mindset,
- Business Set-Up & Planning;
- IT & Marketing;
- Basic Business Finance.

Materials and syllabus need to be provided. Class size will be 25 participants. Trainers will need to attend a trial training session before they are selected. Trainers must be able to train in both Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil.

All applicants must be proficient in Bahasa Malaysia; ability to converse in Tamil for the Interviewers and Mentors is an added advantage.

Those of you interested to apply for any of the above roles, please contact Mr Bala (NAWEM Secretariat) at +603 2142 3325


Prem Naidu
Executive Secretary