Promoting 21st Century Gender-Related Labour in Malaysia

GENDER21 - "Promoting 21st Century Gender-Related Labour in Malaysia”
– project by NAWEM Malaysia; funded by The Asia Foundation

GENDER21 which is about " Promoting 21st Century Gender-Related Labour in Malaysia" intends to improve the quality of women’s labour force participation, including for foreign migrant workers, through the promotion of internationally recognized gender-related labour rights and domestic labour law. It also aims to build the capacity of trade unions and women’s organizations to support women in the workforce in Malaysia.

The objectives of the project are as follows:
- Increase knowledge of labour laws among Malaysian and foreign migrant women workers.
- Advance leadership opportunities for women and support them in taking advantage of better employment opportunities, particularly higher level and higher wage jobs.
- Influence and enrich the policy dialogue on the design and implementation of key gender-based and gender-sensitive legislature and regulations.