LNWIB Cheque Presentation Ceremony

L’OREAL-NAWEM WOMEN IN BUSINESS (LNWIB), NAWEM and L’OREAL MALAYSIA’s first ever social enterprise project, has come a long way. The project was launched in August 2017 and as in August 2019, has organized a total of 6 major Cosmetics Super Sales and benefited forty (40) women from the B40 household income category. As project beneficiaries, they have had to undergo stringent recruitment processes, interviews, trainings and participate as sales promoters as well as supporting staff during the sales events. In return, they have been compensated with payment for travel and meal allowances, including profit sharing from each event’s nett profit.

Our biggest and largest sales event was the TV3 Grand Bazar Ramadan Raya, held at Stadium Bukit Jalil from 15 May until 4 June 2019 (20 days). The support from L’OREAL MALAYSIA and the project’s new event partner, MEDIA PRIMA / TV3, enhanced the sales even more this time.

An official profit sharing cheque presentation ceremony was held yesterday (29 August 2019) at NAWEM’s Secretariat in the presence of key representatives from NAWEM, L’OREAL MALAYSIA and TV3. A total of nearly RM50,000 was distributed to eleven (11) project beneficiaries who had worked relentlessly during the event. It is our hope that this project would continue to inspire and help more B40 women in the future to earn supplementary income for their families.

❤ Empowering Women through Beauty and Business ❤

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