President's Message: AGM 2015

Dear Members and Friends of NAWEM,

Thank you very much for being here today.

The significant events organised from April 2014 to March 2015 for NAWEM can be summed up into three main spheres-going beyond borders for business, learning and development for members and setting up of a NAWEM chapter

Last year there were two overseas delegations, one to Bangalore, India and another to Myanmar. The feedback received from the delegates was positive and more such trips were requested . Many signed MOUs and some made contacts which would be a door opener.We organised a conference on GST for our members to understand the implications of the Good & Service Tax on their business and we also did the ground work for the establishment of a NAWEM chapter in Sarawak. You will get to hear the details from the vice presidents who were in-charge of the events.

I would like to present to you what NAWEM proposes to do from April 2015- March 2016

One of my main tasks will be to suggest some amendments to the Constitution. There are many items that do not have relevance in our present day set up. In fact we have had preliminary discussions about the proposed changes, at the Executive Council meetings. There will be more deliberations on the proposed amendments before they are tabled at an EGM in 2015.

The NAWEM chapter in Sarawak will be officially launched in August this year and I am happy to inform you that the pro tem chairman and her committee are here with us today.

Our chapter in Penang which is now in its 6th year has moved from strength to strength. On the 3rd of October they will be hosting a one day conference with the theme “Inspiring Women in Business”. Our Patron Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has agreed to give the keynote address. The line-up of speakers and moderators will include some of the women icons in the industries

NAWEM will set up two entities which will have a separate board of management – one is the Cooperative for our members and the other is the ASEAN Institute for Women Entrepreneurs, a brain child of our Patron.

Training will still be a major activity in NAWEM. We have a few schemes in our pipeline in collaboration with government agencies namely HRDF and JPW. We are going to launch a certification course designed and delivered by NAWEM for women leaders of NGOs in Malaysia. JPW will collaborate with us in this initiative. Training in GST will continue this year in KL and Sarawak. We are going to introduce a concept of Insurance for Human Resource where members can receive advice on matters of staff compensation and benefits, industrial relations and banking facilities.

With many activities being conducted in the Secretariat, we needed to upgrade the air conditioning which we have done recently. We have also put in a CCTV surveillance.

We will have a new committee after the reports are presented and it is with gratitude and appreciation I thank my committee of 2014-2015. Many will continue to be in the committee. But there are some who have decided not to continue either in the main or sub committees. They are Pn Aziah , Ms You Von and Datin Dr. Rehana Kassim. I am greatly indebted to them for their hard work and dedication and I thank them with appreciation.

I want to welcome our new Executive Secretary, Premila Naidu who has many years of working experience in Administrative work

The 2015-2016 will also be dedicated to increasing the membership. We will use the traditional and social media to reach a wider audience.

Before I conclude my speech I like to inform the members here, that I , in the capacity as NAWEM’s President, have been appointed to be in the Small Debt Resolution Committee. This, I believe, is the endorsement for NAWEM as a transparent organisation with proper governance.

I once again want to thank all of you here today for making time to come for the AGM. Your presence and sense of belonging spurs me on to work even harder to take NAWEM to greater heights.

Yours sincerely

Sarojini Ruth