Budding Fashion Mogul

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Budding Fashion Mogul
Vivy Yusof, Co-Founder, FashionValet and The dUCk Group


In conjunction with Women's Entrepreneurship Day on 19 November, we spoke to Vivy Yusof, the co-founder of FashionValet and The dUCk Group.

In a candid interview with BFM, Vivy shares her business strategies in the midst of intensifying competition at a time when everyone wants a piece of the tempting e-commerce pie. She also shares the gameplan behind their diversification strategy and talks about their online/offline strategy.

When FashionValet started in 2010, it made RM46,000 in revenue. Now, that figure has propelled to RM42 million for 2016. But from a bottomline perspective, the group has yet to ring profits. When will that "profitable" day come? Vivy reveals that they are nearing the profitable line and hope to breakeven this year.

She also gets frank about the challenges of her entrepreneurial journey that has taken her to where she is today.

Presented by: Joyce Goh
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