Sandra Anne Ghouse

Vice President Membership


Sandra Anne Ghouse is the Founder and Managing Director of 3E Training & Education Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in People Development and Productivity Improvement of individuals and organisations. She is the Principal Consultant and Trainer, where she also designs various training and development programs, and she plays a very active role daily in marketing and selling the company’s signature programs. Possessing more than 28 years’ experience as a Corporate Soft Skills Trainer, Sandra focuses on Engagement, Enhancement and Empowerment programs where she helps employees, employers, entrepreneurs and marginalized people too (including refugees) increase and achieve more results & higher productivity.

Rising rank & file, Sandra acquired HR & Admin management skills and then built an advertising company, without possessing any prior knowledge of the industry. She then moved into the training and development arena, where, as a certified HRDF Trainer and having trained throughout Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore, she has successfully designed many developmental programs for all levels. Her signature programs include Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme entitled GIFT – Generating Income From Talents ; Beyond Teambuilding and Business Effectiveness; Performance Management; Personality Profiling; Dr Time – Self, Result and Time Management, Women Executive Development– are highly interactive and fun-filled, making it very easy for participants to engaged and be energized during training achieving high implementation after. Sandra has trained, coached and mentored thousands to improve and grow in many areas of their work and life.

Developing, designing, conducting and managing various training programs is Sandra’s forte and she uses this skill in NAWEM, where, as a member of the Training sub-committee, she has designed and conducted successfully various training programs. Her passion to empower the B40 has driven her to spend a lot of time educating, encouraging and assisting the participants to step up and to start building a productive life for themselves and their families. Also her strong and detailed personality enables her to improve on various SOPs and checklists for NAWEM. Sandra also serves as an Advisor Member for NAWEM’s Toastmasters club, which together with the other capable members have successfully achieved its name for having excellent, high quality meetings. A member of Toastmasters International since 2004 she has held various positions and even competed on National stage in public speaking.

Sandra occupies her free time being involved in various NGOs and charities, believing strongly that with training and education and the Right Mental Attitude, livelihoods can be empowered and improved for the marginalised too.