NAWEM Toastmasters was chartered in February 2014 to educate and empower NAWEM members in public speaking skills to build their confidence in presenting themselves and enhance their businesses. This is strictly, an all ladies toastmasters club.

Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of the month at NAWEM secretariat from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Our meetings are enriching and members know us for our warm and friendly hospitality as well as our food.

Some of our members have this to say :

Kunnam – “I started at NAWEM Toastmasters in January 2015 to be a proficient speaker, especially concerning grammar and pronunciations. It has been a good learning experience so far and networking with other toastmasters has further encouraged me to speak on different topics.”

Rosaline – “My journey in Toastmasters has helped me to be more confident in talking to people and improved my communication skills. The supportive spirit of caring and sharing in NAWEM Toastmasters has enriched my life apart from the learning.

Puspa – “The most important and best decision I have ever made in my life was to join NAWEM Toastmasters Club. I have personally benefitted in my personal and professional life. I have lost the fear of public speaking.”

Members are encouraged to speak on table topics which are giving an impromptu speech of two minutes. This encourages and teaches you to think on your feet so that you do not have “brain freeze”, that is, your mind goes blank when you stand in front of a crowd. Further, there are project speeches where members prepare a topic and speak from their heart. When a member gives a first speech called, “The Ice Breaker”, she will be given a standing ovation which will motivate you and takes away your fear. Each speaker will be evaluated on their strengths and areas for improvement, including grammar, speech crutches like “ah”, “ump”, “you know”, “and”, “so”, “and then” or repeated words and be timed by fellow toastmasters from other clubs.

Members who are keen or interested to join can contact NAWEM secretariat. The member will be directed to the current president of NAWEM Toastmasters Club for registration and payment details.