Cynthia Lim

Chairperson of NAWEM KUCHING


Cynthia Lim heads her own company Gilead Management, which caters to Event Management, Logistics and Services.

The company also specializes in sales and services for audio and musical equipment, acoustic treatment, and bespoke Computerized Digital Sound Tuning for PA system of halls, theatres and churches for Optimum Performance.

Cynthia is an Integrated Business Entrepreneur and Certified Financial Planner, Certified Professional Trainer and Registered Real Estate Negotiator.

As an Integrated Business Entrepreneur, Cynthia had business experiences spanning different industries – from music and childhood education; – a regional pioneer and operator of a successful CMH Montessori Kindergarten for 20 years, to venturing into other Businesses, Real Estate and Financial services industry.

She is a NAR International REALTOR® with CIPS®, RSPS® and SFR® designations, and a REN (registered Real Estate Negotiator, specializing in local and foreign properties for investment and relocation.

She is also a Certified Professional Trainer with PSMB- an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia & IPMA® UK- International Professional Managers Association.

Professionally, Cynthia is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP CERT TM), an active FPAM (Financial Planning Association of Malaysia), Sarawak Chapter EXCO committee member involving in organizing professional CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses for financial professionals.

As a founding member and Chairperson of NAWEM Kuching, Cynthia had contributed to the formation of the chapter in Sarawak, and of NAWEM making its mark in the State through the effort of the chapter, by leading her team to establish a relationship between NAWEM and the local state agency – JWKS (Jabatan Wanita & Keluarga Sarawak) to further develop and enhance the opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Sarawak through mutual collaborations, spurred by the NAWEM organized STEM IR4.0 Conference in March 2019.

As a Professional Woman Entrepreneur and NGO member, Cynthia aspires to raise the opportunities and professionalism of women entrepreneurs in Sarawak through NAWEM and NAWEM/JWKS initiatives.

She received an NGO Leadership Award 2014 by MAWN (Malaysia Alliance Worldwide Network) in recognition of her contribution to NAWEM.

Cynthia is an avid learner and believer in continuous self- improvement and professional development which transcend to her strong leadership ability to inspire her professional, business and NGO teams to achieve their goals and accomplish new frontiers.